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A Spain-born New Jersey native, Tiffany Fred, now known as Tiffany Red grew up filling pages of notebooks with poetry. It was her love affair with words and melodies that drove her to pursue a career in music. In 2007, at the young age of 20, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles, CA with a few hundred dollars and a dream. It did not take long for the industry to notice her songwriting talent. In 2008 Tiffany signed a publishing deal with The Underdogs and Universal Publishing Music Group. Tiffany’s first song as a professional songwriter was for Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled album, which landed Tiffany her first Grammy. From then on, Tiffany established herself as an international songwriting powerhouse in the music industry, working with the likes of Zendaya, Jason Derulo, NCT and Cassie to name a few. As a respected veteran songwriter, Tiffany has also been enlisted to write music for television and film, most recent being for Fox’s hit television shows Empire and Star.

After a decade of writing the lyrics that put other artists’ names in the lights, Tiffany has  begun using her gifts to manifest her own dreams of being an artist. She debuted her first EP, titled “Drake,” in early 2018, which is a live-instrument-driven jazzy ode to an artist that has inspired Tiffany through the years—Drake. Red's second project titled “Rollin’ With the Homies” was released summer of 2018, and featured collaborations on every song on the project with several of her music industry friends including, Eric Bellinger and Bridget Kelly. In summer of 2019, Tiffany dropped "Fck Wit' You" off her new EP "Call Me Red Vol.1" that dropped at the top of 2020. Shortly after, Red dropped “Seeing Red”, followed by, Call Me Red, Vol.2.


In July of 2020, Red created The 100 Percenters Foundation. After going viral for speaking out about penning Kpop hit, “Boss” by NCT, and how poorly she was compensated, Red decided to create an organization that advocated for people like her. The organization attracted powerhouse singer/songwriter, Blush, as she also experienced similar struggles as Red. Together Red and Blush began speaking out on unfair pay for songwriters.


"Replay", "Scared", and "Love You Forever"

Jennifer Hudson



"Supernatural Love"

Tamar Braxton

"King" & "I Love You"

Jason Derulo

"Pick Up The Pieces"

Joe Jonas


Tiwa Savage

"Wanted", "Written All Over Your Face", and "Without My Heart"

Bridget Kelly

"Happy For Me" and "Sedated"


"Don't Let Go"


"Teach Me"

LaPorsha Renae

"Good Woman"




"Boss" & "Go"


"Home" and "Shattered"